Live Ram: Cambridge Depot
The Ram
July 7, 2024
Cambridge, NY
Argyle Brewing Company Cambridge Depot - Cambridge, NY
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Consider this a 1987 Cambridge HS class reunion.

I’ve not lived on the Batenkill river for over 40 years, but that doesn’t mean my heart isn’t there. Everything I have today, is because you all took care of me in your own way back in the day. This is my thanks to you, our ancestors, and the traditions we built together. I raise a glass to family, friends, our ancestors, and those we’ve lost in the years in between.

We’ll rip our new releases of 2024, mixed in with some tasty grooves and Grateful Dead covers. We’ll bring up my brother Tommy, and some local legends for a kick ass afternoon of music.

Mark “The Ram” O’Donnell is an American Indie songwriter, artist, and surfer from Carlsbad, California. Graduated from Cambridge Central HS. He performs surf-inspired original music all over the West Coast, and select venues in Philadelphia, Upstate NY, and Southern Vermont.

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