Key of A Circle of 5ths
Key of A Major Scales

Key of A

A I    D IV  E V   F#-7 VI relative minor


Keep Warm (A)

So Lucky (A)

It’s a Saturday Night (A)

Birdsong (A)

Turn on Your Lovelight (A)


Key of D Circle of 5ths
Key of D Major Scales

Key of D

D I    G IV  A V   B-7 VI relative minor


LA Woman (D A5)

Love is a Terrible Thing (D)

Come Easily (D)

Fare Thee Well (D)

First In Line (D)

Outside the City (D)

Waymore (D)

Key of C Circle of 5ths
Key of C Major Scales

Key of C

C I    F IV  G V   A-7 VI relative minor


Motor Kine (C / G dom)

Can’t Find My Way Am/D harp) Join Along (C)

Looking at the Moon(AmCmajG7)

Key of E Circle of 5ths
Key of E Major Scales

Key of E

E I    A IV  B V   C#-7 VI relative minor

Do It Right (E)

Scarlett / Fire (E)

Once You’ve Been (E)

Ain’t Wasting Time (E)

Trouble Man (E)

Hank Done It (E)

Only Daddy (E)

Rainy Day Woman (E)

Mental Revenge (E)

Key of G Major Scales

Key of G

G I    C IV  D V   E-7 VI relative minor


Outside the City (G)

Cut Loose (G)

Lonesome Ornery & Mean (G)




Key of F Circle of 5ths
Key of F Major Scales

Key of F

F I    Bflat IV  C V   D-7 VI relative minor


Ragtop Car (F)

Me and My Uncle (F/Dm)

Shakedown Street (Dm)

Key of B Circle of 5ths
Key of B Major Scales

Key of B

B I    E IV  F# V   Aflat-7 VI relative minor


Unbound (B/F# DOM)