Jack Straw | 3.29.2024

Jack Straw | a Grateful Dead cover performed at The Camp Store, South Carlsbad State Beach Carlsbad, CA

Welcome back to a special Deadhead addition of the weekly Wednesday jam! Jack Straw is such a fun song to play, I’m not sure why it took us so long to add it to our setlist. It’s in there for good now, especially on Freaky Fridays. Which reminds me, I should change the name of my Weekly Wednesday Jam to ‘Ramsdays’, where every day is a Freaky Friday. 

Kidding, that would be a horrible name.

After a recording session this past February, long after the engineer headed home, the band was still hanging out and drinking beer jamming and calling audibles. We were running silent with cans on, so we didn’t have to worry about noise or the neighbors, so we went through a number of covers and new originals. We recorded Jack Straw that night, had so much fun, decided to play it at our first show of the spring.