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The Ram

ASCAP Songwriter: 375350750

OD Soul, Inc 

ASCAP Publisher: 375351159


CARLSBAD, CA, 92011-4652 United States

phone: 760-476-0170

email: ram(at)odsoul(dot)com


“Sessions” EP New Music Release December 31

The new EP by the Ram, “Sessions” release date: December 31, 2021, to compliment the new single “So Lucky Unplugged”.

WHEN:  Official Release, December 24, 2021


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So Lucky Unplugged

Sessions EP

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So Lucky Unplugged

Sessions EP

Press Release:

“So Lucky Unplugged” is not just my new single coming out on December 24, it’s a new chapter in my life as a performer. To celebrate the band’s return to the stage, we cut an additional studio/live EP version of “So Lucky” along with 2 previously unreleased songs from my catalog. This EP, available on December 31, is important to me because of its close proximity to our spontaneous live sound.

There’s only one Ram. I hope these funky grooves hit you where it counts because they’re guaranteed to make you feel good. I’m an indie visual and performing artist from Carlsbad, California. My nickname came from local surfers and has served me well as a recording and performing moniker. My real name is Mark ODonnell, I look to artists like Beck, Tom Waits, and Neil Young as my spirit guides.

I support local music. All of the music, art, design, and media involved with the release was conceived, written, produced, tracked, and self-released, out of the home studio in Carlsbad, California, and distributed through my record company OD Soul, Inc. Whenever possible, I collaborate with friends within the local San Diego music scene. Marco Savoia, Mike Pritchard, and Mike Hunt perform on these recordings. They were mixed and mastered by local legend, Mike Butler. 


Hands down the local favorite musician who performs here at our venue. Regardless of the weather, time of day, or day of the week, when the Ram shows up to play, people come out of the woodwork to take part in his musical celebration.

 – The Camp Store, South Carlsbad State Beach

He’s a wine club member favorite. The people that attend Ram’s shows are some of the best crowds a venue could ask for.

– Coomber Craft Wines, Oceanside, California

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