So Lucky | 3.29.2024

So Lucky performed at The Camp Store, South Carlsbad State Beach Carlsbad, CA

Ram here, welcome to my weekly Wednesday jam. Starting today, I’m going to cherry pick from live shows we’ve been recording and create an archive of my home recordings (as of this morning, I have 30 already scheduled to be released through the summer of 2024). Kinda reminds me of the old taper sections at Grateful Dead shows back in the day, those guys were onto something, they were there trying to capture magic. 

I’ve taped shows back in the day, so it’s understandable that I’ve grown up to be a bit of a home recording nerd, and built a working home studio. Like magic, the show goes by in an instant when your on stage. Instantaneous, while each note emanating from the fretboard is frozen in time for the performer. I’m in the moment, exploring the possibilities of each song with my friends, at the end of the night I don’t even know if the show was good, bad, or ugly.