Songs of Wanderlust: Studio Notes

Substack - Songs of Wanderlust: Studio Notes

Looking back at lessons learned from over 2 years in the home studio 2020-2023.

One of the main reasons I’ve committed to taking studio and recording notes, is that I’m so forgetful. Legendarily forgetful, I also happen to be fascinated by what lies under the hood of the recording process. I’m a gear-head (in another lifetime a software designer/developer), as much in love with the technical aspects of sound and recording as the creative process of capturing lyrics and melodies from the ether. It’s proved useful to know which guitar, amp, FX, and plugins were used to achieve any given sound, just in case you want to get back to that place.

As a disclaimer, I’m not an electrical engineer, a studio engineer, or a licensed engineer, that was my pops. Buzz O’Donnell was a mechanical engineer who built and serviced massive industrial cooling systems for power plants, refineries, ect. He was a bad ass. I’m just an artist who bullshitted his way into tech during it’s wild-west era. Most of us were self-taught, and the things we now take for granted had not yet been invented. During this era, affordable home studios made cosmic fire accessible to mortal man.

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