Subscription Based Posts

‘Weekly Wednesday Jams’ & ‘Inside the Songwriting’ are moving to the Substack subscription model. Regular episodes provide a front row seat to concert footage and 2024’s songwriting processes.

Given all the ‘free’ content across the web, some artist feel reticent to leverage the subscription model Substack is built on. I don’t, Substack is a perfect tool for the creative mind, it helps the artists stay organized in their work. I assume that’s why I like it, and many of the artists I respect use it as well. So many features consolidated into a single, easy to use, platform. A few weeks ago, the day after a show, I easily scheduled out concert footage with commentary as weekly podcasts thru October on Substack. I’ve found it to be a perfect place to manage my band’s existing email list. 

It feels like a local artist community.

The subscription model? Brilliant. Paid subscription? Like it or not, it’s how commerce works now. Most musicians that use ProTools understand the subscription model already and have been using it for years, all of us have. Subscriptions are how we buy music, software, services, entertainment, etc. Why not learn how to leverage subscriptions as an artist? With a bit of playing around there are easy ways to manage the cost of your paid subscription tiers. I currently set mine (with discount code) at $5 annually. Nothing.

It’s the cost of a beer at a dive bar.