The Ram & The Wolf

One of the beauties of life in San Diego is the local music scene.  It’s loaded with down to earth powerhouses & cool characters that inspire songwriting.  A friend of mine asked me to come to sit in with her, so I brought a lightweight music street kit and headed down to meet up on a hot Sunday afternoon.  A week later I went through the footage and I’m really happy with what happened.

It’s loose, free, and informal.  The type of vibe you get when you take your guitar over to a friend’s house to show them the song you wrote the night before.  That, my friends, is something priceless.

Here are some of the highlights…

Come Easily | The Wolf & The Ram

Love is a Terrible Thing to Waste | The Wolf & The Ram

Yo Mamma Rap | The Wolf & The Ram

Looking at the Moon | The Wolf & The Ram

Keep Warm | The Wolf & The Ram

if you want to learn the songs, here are the links to a few of them…

Come Easily (A)


Terrible Thing to Waste (D)


Looking at the Moon (Am)

Keep Warm (A)


The Yo Mamma Rap was actually an extended version of this song…


Don’t Matter Much Now (G)