To Love a Wild Fire: Release


The Ram
ASCAP Songwriter: 375350750
OD Soul, Inc
ASCAP Publisher: 375351159
CARLSBAD, CA, 92011-4652 United States
phone: 760-476-0170
email: ram(at)odsoul(dot)com

“To Love a Wild Fire” New Music Release January 10
Featuring the new single “Keep Warm” a homage to our loved ones.
Official Release: January 10, 2020


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Press Release:
To Love a Wild Fire, the self-released first album from San Diego, CA local artist the Ram is currently available on all streaming platforms.  To Love a Wild Fire is a curated collection of love songs, prayers, and laments drawn from the Ram’s reservoir of unreleased home recordings.

All of the songs from To Love a Wild Fire, were written and performed as a gesture of love and appreciation. Inspired by the Pacific & Indian Oceans, the Eastern Sierras, and the family farm. “I write my best songs when spending time with family and loved ones. Nothing inspires good music or storytelling quite like the lasting power of love. It’s eternal. Reminds me of a passage from Herman Hesse that described how the love we share keeps us warm into old age through the coldest of nights. The times we spend in love, are the times that last forever. ” 

The Ram’s younger days were of motion driven by wanderlust. From rural Pennsylvania, through New York, up into the Vermont border. In 1999 he drove to California with nothing but a beat-up F150. His traveling jones was traded in for the chance to settle down with his lady and build a family by the ocean in North County San Diego.

  • David Ondrick on Saxophone
  • Mixed & Mastered by Lee Knight
  • Mark (The Ram) ODonnell on Guitar & Vocals