Warmth of the Fire | 3.29.2024

Warmth of the Fire performed at The Camp Store, South Carlsbad State Beach Carlsbad, CA

Welcome to the second ever Weekly Wednesday jam. Ram here, doing what I do best, recording away here at the home studio. This week’s performance is a taste of a brand new original. A big part of the great gift of songwriting is being able to introduce a new song to the band, then shortly thereafter to live local music community audience. 

Quick housekeeping, next week this series becomes subscription based.
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Over the 2023 holidays, I closed out the year with family and friends on our family farm in Amish country southwest of Philadelphia, PA. Whenever I go home, the floodgates open and I come in contact with the ghosts of my past. Us artists live in the physical world, the dream world, and the spirit world. That’s why most think we’re crazy. Lucky to be born under the sign of the Scorpion, I couldn’t care less what people think.

Our thoughts and actions can turn into ghosts if we’re not careful. My mistakes I’ve worn, taken the hit on the chin, came to terms with the fact that failure is often the best teacher in life. Being labeled as the family fuckup taught me humility, especially when losing the hard earned trust of those I loved dearly. Everything had to be earned back.